History of KNS Canada Inc.

KNS Canada Inc. is a privately owned limited company formed in 2002. The company consists of engineering and medical professionals with many years of global experience in the health care industry.

KNS Canada first launched its business operations exporting Medical Gas Pipeline and Architectural Systems products in Asia-Pacific. The company has successfully completed several high-profile hospital projects across Asia; notably in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Thailand.

In 2004, KNS Canada launched a first-of-its-kind Liver Dialysis Therapy in Canada.

Medical Division

Currently, KNS Canada and its partners are introducing several innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for non-invasive liver diagnosis and liver support therapy across Canada and Bangladesh.

KNS Canada offers products and services that cover two broad medical care areas: hepatology and gastroenterology. KNS Canada represents the following manufacturers of medical technology in the Canadian and Bangladesh markets:

  • Echosens: Manufacturer of FibroScan® Non-Invasive Liver Diagnostic Device and FibroMeter™
  • OraSure Technologies Inc: Manufacturers of OraQuick® HCV point of care