A tool for non invasive assessment and quantification of steatosis.

What is CAP™?

CAP™ is a measure of ultrasound attenuation, which corresponds with the decrease in amplitude of ultrasound waves as they propagate through the liver.

CAP™ is powered by a sophisticated guidance process based on VCTE™ that ensures that:

CAP™ and liver stiffness are simultaneously measured within the same volume of the liver

CAP™ is calculated only if the liver stiffness measurement is valid


CAP™ is measured with the M probe at 3.5 MHz at a depth between 25 and 65 mm
CAP™ is expressed in decibel per meter (dB/m)

CAP™ measurement

As with the liver stiffness measurement with the FibroScan®, CAP™ measurement:
– Is non invasive
– Is immediate: does not lengthen the FibroScan® examination
 Benefits from an established examination procedure: the final CAP™ result is the median of at least 10 valid CAP™ measurements
– Can be performed by an operator without any ultrasound imaging skills

CAP™ is a tool for non invasive assessment and quantification of steatosis, enhancing the spectrum of non invasive methods for the examination and follow-up of patients with liver disease.

CAP Interpretation Guide

Steatosis Guide