About FibroScan®

What is FibroScan®?

The FibroScan® exam is the world’s first instant and non-invasive technique capable of detecting and quantifying liver fibrosis. Now with the addition of CAP (Controlled Attenuation Parameter), one device and probe can perform dual examinations at the same time. Now the FibroScan® can detect and quantify two parameters: liver stiffness (measured in kPa and correlated with fibrosis) and CAP which quantifies steatosis. This is an excellent bedside tool validated by numerous Canadian and international peer-reviewed studies.

Current Practice

One of the most commonly-used examinations of the liver is the liver biopsy. However, due to their invasiveness and possible side-effects, biopsies are used infrequently; usually in the latter stages of liver disease investigation. Costs associated with biopsies may also create challenges when fiscal considerations are necessary.

Research and experience has shown that the liver biopsy has drawbacks such as:

  • Severe pain in 30% of cases
  • Hemorrhaging and morbidity in 0.3% of cases
  • 1 death per 3,000 cases
  • Difficulty reproducing results
  • Dependence on operators
  • Price of up to $7,000
  • Time-consuming preparation and recovery
  • High error rate

The FibroScan® Alternative

The FibroScan® device allows the physician to assess a patient’s liver condition without any risk or discomfort. The results of the liver stiffness measurement are displayed on the FibroScan® screen immediately, allowing the physician to plan treatment promptly.

The FibroScan® is an excellent diagnostic tool with many advantages. For example, the FibroScan®:

  • Uses a non-invasive and painless system
  • Is quick and simple to operate
  • Provides reliable and reproducible quantitative measurements
  • Displays results immediately
  • Measures a liver volume up to 100 times larger than does a liver biopsy
  • Is operator-independent, and operator training is straightforward

For additional information about FibroScan®, please visit www.echosens.com or contact KNS Canada Inc.